Updates on Carbonado Water & Sewer Project

February 6, 2019 | Phil Van Earwage, Gray & Osborne, Inc.
There has been some concerns and questions regarding your water quality during the ongoing construction, specifically water discoloration and trapped air in the system. These issues are not a result of any problems with the new water mains being installed, but the nature of the water service lines between your water meter and your home and the issues associated with connecting the new mains to the existing water system. Throughout the Town’s existing water system there are several different types of pipe materials for service lines. Each type of pipe has its own unique issues that occur inside the pipes during normal operation. The older style galvanized pipes and copper pipes naturally corrode on the inside.

To connect a section of new water main to the existing system we have to drain the existing mains which relieves pressure in the system. When the pressure is turned off in these pipes and then charged back up it will scour or loosen the rust from inside of the pipe, resulting in discoloration of the water from your faucet. The only way to resolve this situation after a shutdown is to run the water out of your inside faucets for 10 to 15 minutes. Because these service pipes are on the homeowners side of the meters and are not being replaced this is the only way to correct this issue. When the water from your faucet is white and cloudy this is due to air trapped in the lines. We try to release the trapped air by flushing the new water mains when we charge the system back up, but sometimes this does not release all the air trapped in the lines. Generally your homes are higher in elevation than the below ground water main and the trapped air escapes to the homeowners services. Again, the only way to cure this issue after a shutdown is to run your water inside you home for 10 to 15 minutes.

It is challenging to maintain water to homeowners while installing new water mains throughout the town and to switch homeowners’ services over to the new system without these issues occurring due to the nature of the existing lines to your homes and switching to the new system. I have given my cell number to the Town to answer questions or concerns you might have as we replace your water and sewer pipe in your Town. Thanks for your cooperation and we appreciate your patience in this situation.

For questions regarding this project, please contact:
Phil Van Earwage, Gray & Osborne, Inc. | (253) 335-0257 | pvanearwage@g-o.com